Duration (days): 20 Skills Level (1-5): 3 Total Distance: 3870 Kms Maximum number of Riders: 10 Period: YEAR 2023: 21 September - 10 October Lodging Type: Hotel,Camp,Lodge
  • Overview
  • Itinerary
  • Tour Cost
  • Riding Skills level
  • The Ngorongoro Crater, a wold unique conservation area
  • The Great Rift Valley lakes, Lake Natron, Lake Naivasha, Lake Elementiata
  •  The lake Victoria and the White Nile
  • Riding through the Bwindi impenetrable forest and Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • The majestic Virunga volcanoes chain and their mountain gorillas
  • The famous Congo-Nile trail and the Nyungwe Forest

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Day 1

Departure to Tanzania

The first day is one of the longest days of the tour with much riding and border crossing procedures to be done. But it is needed for better accommodation at the end of the day. A distinctively Rwandan craft is the cow dung 'paintings' called Imigongo, that are produced by a local co-operative in the village of Nyakarimbi near the Rusumo Falls border with Tanzania (Kamuganguzi). (410 km paved and some off-road parts) .

Overnight in Geita

Day 2

Departure to Mwanza

On this day we will have to take a ferry for a short part, which is a nice short African experience. Mwanza is located by Lake Victoria, it’s known for its mining and for its charm. There are very good restaurants and it’s a good treat to have… some good meals!! (135 km paved) .

Overnight in Mwanza

Day 3

Departure to Ngorongoro Crater

which will be divided in two sections, as the way is quite long for one day. (300 km paved) .

Overnight in Igunga

Day 4

Departure to Ngorongoro Crater

On the way we will encounter the pastoralist and semi-nomadic Maasaï tribe, where we will stop to take some photos and souvenirs if wanted. (350 km paved) .

Overnight in Karatu

Day 5

Visit the Ngorongoro Crater

by car, (as motorcycles are not allowed in the National Park), and enjoy the unparalleled beauty of one of the world's most unchanged wildlife sanctuaries.

Overnight in Karatu

Day 6

Departure to Lake Natron

We will ride on a rocky and sandy trail along the eastern branch of the rift valley, passing by the foot of the Sacred Ol Dinyo Lengai, or “Mountain of God” for the Maasaï people, which is a semi-active volcano. We will end our ride for the day on the shore of the lake Natron, a unique salted and soda lake offering wonderful sceneries and hosting East African Flamingos. We will end the day by the scenic walk to the spectacular Engare Sero waterfalls. The night will be spent at a campsite overlooking the lake. (135 km off-road) .

Overnight camping close to Lake Natron

Day 7

Departure to Nairobi

We will start the day with a beautiful ride toward the Kitumbeine Mountain, crossing some valleys where wild animals assemble for pasture, and then head toward the border town of Namanga where we will enter in Kenya and have memorable views of Mount Kilimanjaro. We will then ride to Nairobi on paved road. (320 km off-road and paved road) .

Overnight in Nairobi

Day 8


There is a lot to keep you busy in Kenya’s bustling capital city but if you want to get out of town maybe you will end up visiting the Langata giraffe centre or bond up and close with orphaned animals at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage which is the oldest animal orphanage in Kenya.

Overnight in Nairobi

Day 9

Departure to Lake Elementiata

Today we will ride down into the land of Maasaï, into the heart of the Great Rift Valley. You won’t wait too long before meeting the first wild animals. We will drive through the Mau Escarpment, passing through villages and scenic landscapes of the Great Rift Valley then descend towards Lake Naivasha. From there, we will reach the lake Elementaita through the paved road. (170 km off-road and paved road) .

Overnight close to Lake Elementiata

Day 10

Departure to Busia

We will reach the border with Uganda, riding along several national parks and passing by the town of Kisumu, the largest lake port on lake Victoria. (330 km paved road) .

Overnight in Busia

Day 11

Departure to Jinja

We cross the border into Uganda. The lakeside town of Jinja is the destination, which is mostly known as the White Nile starting point. In Uganda motorcycles are not respected at all, therefore a lot of caution is advised while riding. (125 km paved) .

Overnight in Jinja

Day 12

Day Off in Jinja

Jinja is where the White Nile flows out of Lake Victoria and where action goers meet: go white-water rafting or kayaking, horse riding, bungee jump or what the hell… just relax.

Overnight in Jinja

Day 13

Departure to Murchinson Falls National Park

The Murchison Falls Conservation Area is Uganda's largest protected area. This contains the Murchison Falls National Park and the adjoining Bugungu and Karuma wildlife reserves. Murchison National Park is one of Uganda's oldest protected areas. (340 km paved and off-road) .

Overnight in Murchinson Falls N.P.

Day 14

Departure to Kyenjojo

We will ride close to Lake Albert for a little part. The way is quite nice and not much traffic on the road. (274 km paved and off-road) .

Overnight in Kyenjojo

Day 15

Departure to Queen Elizabeth National Park

After an early start, we will ride across the Queen Elizabeth National Park. This park has a rich variety of flora and fauna, home to 95 species of mammals and more than 600 species of birds, making the park a popular tourist attraction. The park has 5 types of vegetation: the equatorial forest, the grass savannah, the bush savannah, the acacia forests and the wetlands. Riding across the Park is a unique experience and guarantees the meeting with one or more of the "Big Five" of the savannah! (255 km paved and off-road) .

Overnight in Kihihi

Day 16

Departure to Kisoro

the main town next to the land of the Gorillas, which is located few kilometres from Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. We will ride through very beautiful landscape, ride across the famous Bwindi impenetrable forest where it’s also land of the Gorilla and along the lake Mutanda, offering fantastic views on the Virunga Volcanoes. (145 km off-road and paved sections) .

Overnight in Kisoro

Day 17

Gorilla visit in Kisoro

Visit the Gorillas if you wish, but keep in mind that this might be a one-time life opportunity, therefore we suppose that you want to visit them even though the fee is quite expensive on our opinion. A Mountain Gorilla Trekking is the pinnacle of all the wildlife experiences available in Africa. People are limited to spend only one hour with the Gorillas and should expect to hike for two to four hours to see them. If you chose otherwise we will continue to the next destination planned.

Overnight in Kisoro

Day 18

Departure to Kibuye

Border crossing with Rwanda. As soon as you enter Rwanda you will understand why it is called the country of the thousand hills. On this day, we will ride along the Volcanoes National Park with breath taking views until Gisenyi located on the border of Congo and lake Kivu. We will then ride the northern part of the famous Congo-Nile trail with amazing views on Lake Kivu, until Kibuye, where we will spend the night by the lake. (240 km mostly off-road) .

Overnight in Kibuye

Day 19

Departure to Nyungwe Forest National Park

We will continue our ride on the Southern part of the Congo Nile Trail through the picturesque tea plantation of Gisovu and then ride on highland fun trails along the West side of the Nyungwe Forest National park until Uwinka reception centre, where we will stop for a Canopy Walkway, a wonderful experience on top of the trees of one of the oldest and better-preserved montane rainforest in Africa (better not to be afraid of heights!!!). Then we will continue our ride until our hotel on the edge of the forest. (140 km off-road and paved section) .

Overnight in Gisakura

Day 20

Departure to Kigali

We will start the day by a beautiful ride on a winding paved road across the Nyungwe Forest. We will reach the town of Nyanza, where we can visit the traditional residence of the last Rwandan King. We will continue our tour toward the Rwandese countryside and its irrigated lands, to finally reach the capital city Kigali. In the evening we will have a well-deserved last dinner. (220 km paved and off-road) .


To get the cost of the various packages, Please contact us!

  Prices are based on a minimum group of 4 riders Africa Riding Adventures Tours proposes 3 different packages (see details hereafter):
  • All Inclusive Package
  • Bike and Support Vehicle Package
  • Bike Only Package
At request, Africa Riding Adventures will refund the full amount of deposit paid if there isn’t a minimum number of 4 riders attending the tour. Please read our Terms and conditions for the full text of our policy. Africa Riding Adventures reserves the right to cancel this calendar tour if no bookings are made 30 days before the tour commencement.

What is included in All-Inclusive package:

  • Motorbike (SWM RS 500 R & RS 650 R), bike insurance against third parties
  • Support car for luggage and passengers (inclusive of driver, his expenses, but exclusive of fuel)
  • Expert multi-lingual tour leader in his own bike, inclusive of his expenses and mechanical support
  • Double occupancy accommodation (note: single occupancy incurs an extra-charge)
  • Restoration (Breakfast, lunch and dinner). With the exception of water, beverages and snacks are NOT included (please note that drinks are not included in any of the meals, excepted water)
  • Entry fees to parks and others sites (except the Gorilla visit, which is paid by the client directly if he/she is interested on visiting as well as Kigali’s visits)
  • Local guides, local taxes and fees
  • Luggage storage
  • Photos of the trip
  • Medical Air Ambulance in East Africa – Flying Doctors

What is included in the Bike and Support Vehicle package:

  • Motorbike (SWM RS 500 R & RS 650 R), bike insurance against third parties
  • Support car for luggage and passengers (inclusive of driver, his expenses, but exclusive of fuel)
  • Expert multi-lingual tour leader in his own bike, inclusive of his expenses and mechanical support
  • Luggage storage

What is included in the Bike Only package:

  • Motorbike (SWM RS 500 R & RS 650 R), bike insurance against third parties
  • Expert multi-lingual tour leader in his own bike, inclusive of his expenses and mechanical support

What is Never included:

  • Bike Fuel
  • Diesel for support vehicle
  • Gorilla trekking fees
  • Broken parts on bike when insurance is not applicable
  • Beverage and snacks
  • Personal items
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Laundry
  • Telephone calls
  • Room service
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal and Accident insurance and medical expenses
  • Emergency evacuation/Hospitalisation
  • Flight tickets
  • Tips, souvenirs, photo and video fees and spending money
Skill Level Description Our tours are skill levelled from 1 to 5. We sometimes rate them with two difficulty levels e.g. 2/3 as some tours require different riding skills in different parts of the itinerary. In these cases the first number represents the main difficulty level present and the latter, only stretches of the itinerary. Please don’t forget to fill our skill level description form when inquiring about a tour so we can better match you with the tour of your dreams. Level 1: Riders who have ridden only a few times or just started, ride sporadically, never rode on an Enduro bike or off-road or haven’t been on a dirt or enduro bike for a few years. A person in this level will experience difficulty riding off-road, manoeuvring on loose gravel, on stones, in sand and climbing and descending hills. Level 2: Riders who do not feel comfortable riding up and down hills, whoops, or standing up on the pegs. Street bike riders with no dirt/enduro bike experience. Riders who have ridden before but struggle with basic off-road techniques. Level 3: Riders who can ride over stones, sand, up and down ledges with little difficulty and can ride at a faster pace. Riders in this class will have a good understanding of body language as it applies to motorcycles, such as sliding when necessary, shifting and braking at the right time and in a synchronized way. Level 4: Riders who have ridden for years and are comfortable riding in almost all conditions, but would like to work on techniques that need improvement. The rider may or may not need help on more advanced skills, such as cornering in sand, riding through whoops, climbing steep hills, riding dunes and on rocks, doing jumps or wheelies. Level 5: Very experienced riders who are able to ride with full confidence on any surface and who can ride for extended periods of time in hard conditions without stopping. Well seasoned riders and off-road racers will be in this category.