Africa Riding Adventures Tours

was formed in early 2004 by experienced rider and well travelled Flavio Bonaiuti. He was later on joined by Christophe Humbert another well-experienced rider.

All of our motorcycle tours have been studied in depth, in order to provide each adventurer the maximum riding experience in a safe and comfortable environment whether riding on or off-road.
Whether you are looking for an adventure ride or a more relaxing holiday trip we have something that is just right for you, from leisurely day and weekend rides to enduro rides on and off-the-beaten-road tracks which will test your skills and stamina.

Whether you choose a calendar, custom made, weekend or day tour or prefer to bring your own bike in one of our guided tours, we can promise you will never forget your motorcycle experience with us.

If you prefer to ride independently we also provide support to independent travellers.

Our tour leaders can communicate with you in various languages such as English, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Flavio Bonaiuti
Managing Director & Tour Leader

Certified KTM Mechanic

Alain Jean Sauveur Ndizihiwe
Administration & Logistic